Tips on How to Cash in On Personalized Car Number Plates


Selling personalized vehicle registration numbers is one of the most lucrative businesses in the market today and there are several ways that anyone interested in the same can cash in on the same. The personalized number plates are one of the biggest businesses today with the UK alone estimated at being at $2.3 billion in 2012 which has increased significantly considering that it is now 6 years later. The plate ’25 O’ for instance was sold at a record-breaking amount of $518000 at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency auction and with such great money available in the sector, then it is time to give it a hand and cash in on the investment. For the people looking for options where they can sell their plate, they should look out for the various options that are given below.


Specialist companies

One of the easiest and most convenient ways of selling a personalized number plate is trying out the specialist companies and agencies which eventually advertise them and look for buyers in the market. With this technique, however, one must not only pay the company a certain amount for selling the vehicle reg number and there is also no definitive way that one can use to determine if the valuation that they are given is the real worth of the PrimoRegistrations plate.


Auction websites

In addition to the specialist companies, there are also auction websites where one can also sell their personalized car registration numbers as well. With the many that are available in the market today, all one has to do is to put a reserve on the item to ensure that they get what they think is the worth of the plate and they are good to go. Getting the right buyer on such websites is however always down to luck and choosing it does not guarantee one a sale at the end of the day or somewhere near the reserve price for the lucky ones that get potential buyers. Learn more details about the importance of number plates, go to


Private sales

Anyone that is not keen on all the above options at can go right ahead and advertise themselves as well which should include in both online and offline platforms to ensure that one does not miss out on any potential buyer of the number plates. The trick, however, lies in putting measures and strategies in ensuring that one does not miss out in the potential buyers as much as they can no matter what.